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“We trust you entirely, perhaps to a fatal degree”




Smith Hanes
Partner, Interiors

Travis Ekmark
Partner, Design

Alvin Diec
Partner, Design

Elisabeth McNair
Senior Design Associate

Hilary Ament
Design Associate

Caitlin Joyce
Design Associate



Brothers is a waste management office located just south of the CSX rail yard on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our clients include Antico Pizza Napoletana, Chef Ford Fry, Chef Hugh Acheson and Dale “Pretty Boy” Donchey, Georgia Organics, Ann and Sid Mashburn, Wintercheck Factory, Grassroots Farms, Victory Sandwich Bar, The General Muir, Whole Foods Market, Sir Kensington's, Smith & Wollensky, and Four Seasons Hotels.

Brothers is currently designing brand identity, product packaging, environmental graphics, and/or websites for King of Pops, The Clermont Hotel, 725 Ponce, The Canteen food hall, and a new 2-story Whole Foods Market location in Bryant Park (Manhattan). It recently designed the identity for Buxton Hall in Asheville, N.C., Bar Margot at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, Ford Fry’s Beetlecat in Inman Park, and some frisbees for the sandal-wearing men at Clay + Bros.

The firm’s output has been admired by journalists and the design community at large. On the other hand, they are not without their critics who contend, among other things: “I’m not speaking for the whole but I think it’s quite objective to say that Brothers’s work is quite out of fashion. It is associated with the image of an older person living in the countryside or rural areas. It is hard to know but I think that this type of art was selling better in the 1950s or 1960s.”

“The Original” Brothers was established in 2011 and is perhaps best known for spawning a bunch of shops with the same name and no connection whatsoever to the original.

Ever fantasized about owning your very own design company? Family Brothers Inc. is now for sale for $50 million.


Office Assistant

Bros. is seeking a detail-oriented and personable office assistant with exceptional communication skills. We work with a diverse set of clients on projects of all shapes and sizes and are always juggling multiple projects at once. To ensure good work, optimized use of internal resources, pleased clients, and a happy team, we need someone who is flexible, organized, inspiring, and a great communicator.


  • A diligent, energetic, driven learner
  • Strong sense of responsibility and personal accountability
  • Ability to find joy in challenging work
  • Ability to gracefully accept criticism
  • Ability to laugh at oneself
  • Genuinely pleasant and courteous, even when under stress
  • Ability to communicate positively and effectively with all kinds of people
  • Ability to keep the big picture front of mind, but also get down into the weeds – we are a fast-paced boutique-sized office (no task is too small)
  • Well-informed and open-minded, aware of things going on in the world
  • A collector of knowledge who is open to possibilities


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